Take the chance to use our customized solutions while we take care of monitoring the operation of your web applications and spatial data infrastructure.


To operate with web applications, data bases and spatial data infrastructures we provide efficient and secure Linux-systems. The services range from the conception and installation of the system to the monitored operation in the long term. The servers we are responsible for, are either directly at the client‘s place, at data centers in Germany or Switzerland or at cloud suppliers. Next to the optimum solution for specific projects, we also offer already prepared hostig packages for spatial data infrastructures. There, we put our focus on the spatial data base PostGIS, map servers like TileServer and GeoServer, as well as on GeoCMS Cartaro.

For us the automation is an essential component of operations. Our service farm is highly automated. This is how we avoid mistakes that happen during manual routine tasks. Of course all systems are monitored constantly. For the configuration management, the inventory and general management of the systems and services we use Puppet and Ansible as well as own tools. Scale technologies let us be well-equipped and prepared for growing requirements and high-volume access.

In addition to the support, we keep you up-to-date about important innovations that are relevant for your operating system and current software version. Thus, you receive customized information about new functions and security updates.

Please feel free to contact us with any kind of problem or question you have. In case we cannot respond to a problem on the basis of our broad knowledge, we are highly motivated to put in the necessary time and effort to find the best solution.