Geoportal of SBB

Latest technologies and a thought-out design optimize the user experience with several end devices. With a new geoportal specific topics can be viewed in an optimized way.

A geoportal summarizes various maps in form of layers, that can be shifted over each other as wanted. Either the user is fully free to fit appropriate maps together or the geoportal already supplies a preselection of layers, all related to a specific topic. Our new geoportal belongs to the group that shows a preselection to inform about a selective topic and therefore enables an optimized view.

Felxible layer concept

A layer is not just static but has a lot of own features. Linked metadata, query capabilities, aggregate information, images, graphics or other data records (for instance time table information at railway stations) can be integrated into the complex layers. In this case a tracker of public transport is integrated into the geoportal, which makes the layer concept especially flexible. Thus, it does not receive the data records from GIS-formats as usual layers do. The tracker allows the user to see all public transport vehicles live and in motion. This combination of moving elements in a static map background enables surprising insights.

High modularity

The geoportal is devided into several manageable modules. They can be accessed under topics, which are presented with a short description and a teaser image. To modify the web page in nay kind of aspect there are modules like preconfigured layer combinations, a toolbox, access permissions as well as tools to redesign the look and feel in general, available.

Protected areas

The access permissions for all geoportal components can be controlled very selectively. Thus, it is possible to hide either entire topics or only single layers within one topic, query capabilities or edit functions from not authorized users.

In order to receive the exact right permissions automatically, the users log in to an independent user administration linked to the system of the geoportal. So far there are links to the user administrations such as Drupal, Active Directories and SingleSignOn solutions based on SAML.


Through using HTML 5, Canvas and Responsive Design the entire technology is very up-to-date. The front end is based on the libraries OpenLayers 3, Bootstrap and Angular JS. The Pyramid- / Python-layer is responsible for communication on the server. For rendering and accessing maps we prefer using GeoServer but also back ends like QGIS, MapServer or others can be utilized. The same applies to the data base as we use PostgreSQL/PostGIS but every data base can be used with various forms of geo data management.

Developed on behalf of SBB

We concluded the development of the geoportal together with our partner evoq on behalf of the Swiss railway company (SBB) within the mandate of Trafimage maps. There is not just a publicly accessible version, where to find the network map of public transport of Switzerland with further relevant information, but also an internal area for staff members. Accessing this area enables you to have insights into many other topics such as further details of the infrastructure or currently running projects.