Maps of public transport

Trafimage is the most extensive map series of public transport in Switzerland. It shows the entire transport network including trains, trams, buses, ships and cableways.

Online and printed maps

SBB publishes more than 200 maps in the Trafimage system – those can be overview maps for travelers as well as internal maps, for instance, for the power supply system. The great number of interactive maps can be found on The system is made for public access but especially companies for public transport and other public authorities use it regularly.

Databases with linked train schedules

As the Trafimage maps show the current status of the transport network for trains and buses they are the complex result of merging geo-referenced data with timetable information. This base can be customized individually and the databases is in constant further development.

Managing the interactive maps with Cartaro

To create and manage subject-specific map contents we use GeoCMS Cartaro. Cartaro works with Open Source products and enables to acquire and edit geo-referenced data and map contents. Thus, the client itself can do so and publish selective maps.

Partnership with evoq

geOps is responsible for the conception, implementation and for the operation of the IT-System of Trafimage maps. In addition to that, geOps develops interactive maps for the geoportal for special requirements of users outside SBB. Our partner evoq in Zurich takes over the part of graphic conception and implementation as well as the entire print production.