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Modern web applications based on geographical and real-time data are the core competence of geOps. We specialise on public transport, mobility, logistics and the environment. When selecting technologies, we have a clear focus on open source.

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New Features in the GeoCMS Cartaro

With our online tool Cartaro, spatial information can be conveniently managed and published in a web map at the push of a button.

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mapset allows easy creation of clear and visually appealing plans for public transport concerns.

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Live Maps

Live Maps show the positions of public transport vehicles on a map. In addition to the map visualization, the processing of the vehicle positions creates precise forecasts for travelers.

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Interpolation von Höhenprofilen

Realistische Höhenprofile entlang von Routen zu berechnen ist nicht so einfach wie es auf den ersten Blick scheint. Wir erklären, wie unser Routing-Dienst das Problem löst.

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Open Source - what else?

Our projects consistently rely on open source components. With open source we develop the best solution for our customers, offer attractive prices and grant the freedom to get the most out of a product. We regularly hand developments back to the community by publicly exposing our projects.

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